Cat Kenneling

Comfortable Cat Boarding Services

Looking for quality cat boarding services at low rates? Creature Comforts Kennels is your trusted destination to accommodate your feline friends. Our cat condos are 3-feet high, 4-feet wide, and 2-feet deep, and located separately from the dog kennels.

We clean out your cat's condo daily, giving them a chance to wander around our locked office on their own to play, run around, or do whatever they want. You can also provide your own cat food, or we can feed them with our Kirkland Signature cat food (food is included in boarding prices — call us for more information). 

Important Information for Cat Boarding

Your cat's vaccinations must be up-to-date or we will not accept them. You can have your cat's vaccination record faxed to us by your veterinarian at 253-804-9747 prior to your arrival. These mandatory vaccinations include rabies, FVRCP, and FELV.

Toys and treats are welcome. You can also bring bedding that can be washed or thrown away. Please note that we are not responsible for your pet's personal items being lost or destroyed.

Pet Emergencies

If we determine that there is an emergency situation regarding your pet, we will reach out to you or your emergency contact. If medical treatment is deemed necessary, we will contact our local veterinarian. There are three emergency clinics in the area that we also have access to for your pet emergency.
Cat Kenneling
Cat boarding rates: $14 per day
"Creature Comforts is a home based business. This is a plus in animal care since the caretaker (Denise) is never far away. I checked my cats in for a few days, and even extended their stay while my girlfriend and I got into our apartment. I was pleased to see my guys well taken care of when I returned for them. The price was fair and the service is very friendly. I highly recommend Creature Comforts for anyone furry companion in need of a place to stay." 

- Matt K.
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